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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Introducing.... The Feminine Touch

First in the series of many, i will be introducing you to some of the wonderful shops on Etsy.  Mine and all the featured shop share two things in common. 1. they are all UK Sellers and 2. They are part of a team called CraftBritannia .

The Feminine Touch

Fem loves to create new items from old, like this Recycled Wool Cushion Cover or create something completely new.

Recycled Wool Cushion Cover

There are many catagories within Fem's Shop and within those over 100 items and it would be a very long winded blog if i showed you every item.  Instead i shall show you a couple of my favourites and leave the exploring to you.

Hand Warmers                                      Clutch Bag

The Hand Warmers are made from lovely Turquoise Mohair that also has hints of pink and purple.  These would be perfect for when you want to keep your wrists warm but still need to do things.  I particularly like to wear wrist warmers when i am cold but need to be able to type on the computer or use my smart phone.

The Clutch Bag is knitted with 100% wool in a lovely Aubergine colour.  To keep with Fem's recycled theme the lining of the bag is made from a section of recycled jumper that has been felted.


I feel so embarrassed that i have not been here to blog for ages.

Anyway, the reason for my blog today is to introduce to some new links that i have added over on the right side of this page.  These links are to some of my fellow Etsy sellers in the UK.  In the following weeks i will be writing a blog on each of them so that i may share a little of what wonderful items they make.

Regards for now, Claire